12 Unbelievable Lies That Reek of Horse Sh*t

12 Unbelievable Lies That Reek of Horse Sh*t
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Lying on the internet is easy to do, but lying on the internet and actually getting away with it, well, that’s another issue to tackle.

Odds are, you’re shitty story is going to get myth busted in 0.5 seconds of you posting it, but sure, go ahead and tell everyoune about how Albert Einstein gave you $100 after you told off Donald Trump.

1. He dated Kim K., she just doesn’t know it. 

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2. This time, nobody clapped.

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3. Med student admits vaccines give babies autism!

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4. That girlscout’s name was Hannibal Lecter. 


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5. When your hair saves the day. 

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6. From 0 to president in 2 weeks. 


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7. “Songbird of our generation”.

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8. This is what an alpha looks like. 


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9. Former feminazi now respects men!

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10. M’lady is a badass.

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11. God wanted you to see this selfie!

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12. Gamers>Coffee drinkers. 

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