13 Bullshitters Who Have a Wild Imagination

13 Bullshitters Who Have a Wild Imagination
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What kind of person makes up stories on the internet to seem cool?

Well, we’re about to find out.

We’re not sure if we feel sorry for these supreme fabricators, but one thing is for certain: we love to call them out. Bullshitters beware, we’re onto you!

1. Free coffee for being the world’s greatest hero.

via stuffull

2. You’re not my mom! Wait, are you my mom?

via auoria

3. And then Albert Einstein actually DID bang his mom.

via ultimateballoon

4. Ah, the classic “my parents painted my room overnight” gag. 

via JinnyVinosaur

5. Why does this happen to me so much??

via SchindlersListicle

6. Then they all held hands and hailed Satan. 

via TheBigBrown21

7. He models for his local Shop-Rite now. 


via Helmeppun

8. Tutted AND hissed!


via Ragnrok

9. The principal let me skip the rest of the school year.

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11. Trump invited him to the White House to be assistant President after this. 

via windmill69

12. The man with no feet gave him a standing ovation.

via ForestOfCheem

13. All dogs go to heaven. 

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